Please contact this organization if you need assistance for any of the following:

A. Community Events

1. Public Speaker for Human Trafficking

2. Event Coordinator / Planner

3. Event Consulting


B. Victims of Human Trafficking will be assisted in:

1. Referrals for:

  • Counseling

  • Housing

  • Medical

  • Drug / Alcohol Issues

  • Legal Issues

  • Assist in attaining:

         *Identification Card

         *Driver's License

         *Birth Certificate

         *Social Security Card

2. Employment

3. Food Assistance


C. Families of missing persons will be assisited in:

1.  Provide Private Investigator if needed / requested

2.  Develop search parties for missing

3.  Develop missing persons campaigns

4.  Design Posters

5.  Conduct awareness events

6.  Provide financial Support i.e. fundraisers

7.  DNA Sample Collection



If we cannot assist you with your needs, we will put you in contact with the appropriate agency that will be able to assist you.


To ensure a fast, easy and secure donation please CLICK TODAY.                     

Anchored For Justice, Inc.

Lilly Paisley

Tel: 740-252-6958

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